Will You Download and Play Smashy Road to Test Your Driving Ability?

If you have already played or you're familiar with Grand Theft Auto, you know how it feels like to be a wanted person by the authorities. It is one of the coolest games ever made but it is not appropriate for all ages due to violence. Smashy Road is created especially for kids who shouldn't be exposed to the brutal murder of strangers in a video game, unlike in the action-adventure game series. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/smashy-road/gmoeegjdobopphojjjbnojgnmhhmbhpg was created for the reason that children can play a video game that doesn't involve violence and other inappropriate content. However, it still contains the mechanics of GTA because it's filled with hot pursuits of those who did wrong. It is the ideal game to divert the attention of children who love to play GTA.

FeaturesThat You Will Love

· A Cartoony Version of GTA
It is possible to consider Smashy Road as the animated version of the car chasing and smashing game series. You will take the part of the city's most wanted drive who will smash the other vehicles on the roadwhile trying to break free from the police. Initially, only regular policemen are going to be in pursuit of you, but you'll also encounter SWAT and other special forces in choppers and armored vehicles as you advance in the game.

· Interesting Challenges and Vehicles
Play more levels and the game becomes more interesting with additional pursuers you will encounter and vehicles which you can use. You have to be a faster and even smarter driver to outmaneuver them and send them crashing on obstacles. In higher levels of the game, law enforcers can drive faster in tougher vehicles with special weapons to drag you down. You won't only escape those who are behind you but you can also make more coins which will be helpful for your upgrades the moment you get your hands on vehicles with unique features.

· Awesome Visuals and Sounds
It's possible to play several hours of fun as you race through randomly-generated environments or it is also possible to experience driving in secret locations. Unlike other lightweight games with similar size, it's an edge with its well-implemented physics system It is no surprise which you can get immersed in the game which will keep you playing for long. In this highly-entertaining racing game, users can also enjoy the amazing graphics and control system that is fantastic for your every move.

You can play a wide range of racing games out there that you may try to play and determine which one will be a much better choiceover the others. The Smashy Road game is ideal for all ages who love the GTA-sque mechanics less the brutality. In this video game, you will enjoy hot pursuits and exciting escapes with no violent and graphical content of the series. So, if youhave a thing for running away from cops as fast as possible while you dodge traffic, buildings and other obstacles on the road, do not be afraid to download and play the game on your own desktops or laptops. It's time that you enjoy another racing game on a larger screen without using the emulator.
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